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Friday, August 27, 2004

The Second Superpower

This is a very cool concept.

Do large networks of people acting together politically equal a political force even when there's no readily-apparent leadership?

Jim Moore 's essay is about our increasing ability to communicate and share ideas. He says that the internet, cell phones, and mass media are giving us (the worlwide public) an increasing ability to create changes in governmental policy (particularly the policy of the United States). He says that in time we will be able to organize grassroots campaigns so quickly and effectively, that we'll be able to block unwanted governmental policies (ie. the war in Iraq), and even force needed change such as health care reform.

Even more exciting to me, Moore likens the global social network to a mind. Each person plays the role of a neuron, and each person has a cluster of friends. Each of the friends has his or her own cluster. These clusters upon clusters upon clusters begin to look a lot like the neural network which is our brain. I know this is a fairly "far out" concept... but not too much so.


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