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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Open Letter to my senators (Hilary Clinton, Charles E. Schumer)

I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years untill 2002. I was sent to the Middle East in early September 2001, and I remained there until Feb 02.

I feel that President Bush's administration has deliberately shaded information to suit their private desires. Please read this article (http://newyorker.com/fact/content/?030331fa_fact1) if you have not already. It is shocking.

They have misrepresented facts to the American public, and sent my "brothers" to die. And more! Our military was barely able to meet the needs of such a war. Now our reserves have been exhausted. Now if a real threat appeared we would not have the capability to meet it.

Also, in abandoning the UN, Bush has alienated the bulk of our allies. This does untold damage to the real effort of stopping international terror cells.

I recently read this quote in the New York Times:

"They need regional friendship, we need regional friendship," he said of the Chinese. "They need time to develop their economy, so do we. They need protection from the United States and so do we.''

That was, Muhammad Noordin Sopiee, chairman of Malaysia's Institute of Strategic and International Studies, speaking of an alliance with China.

I feel very disturbed that we've let it go this far. Please! Raise the issue of those falsified documents. There lies a smoking gun. I think it is clear that the President and his men kept the documents secret until they had irrefutable political backing for the war, when they were clearly false.

Sending men to die based on lies is grossly immoral. If it is not illegal, it should be. I am asking you to raise this issue to congress. A precedent needs to be set, lest it happen time and again.

That is the body I have sent to Hilary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. I have written an idividualized post scriptum to each.


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