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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

RNC -- What is the impact of 4 years of the Bush Administration

I'm listening to last night's "On Point." One of the people who got the mic for a bit called Bush's war "The War Against Radical Islam" rather than "The War Against Terror."

"wild idealism especially when it comes to the war on terror" <--- dosen't "radical" equal "wild idealism", and when this is linked to war, is there a difference between terrorists and those perpetrating "wild idealism"?

"this is a president that has set forth a policy which is largely belief based" <--- scary... it seems to me that beliefs tend to prevent knowing and can make the quest for knowledge immoral or somehow "emotionally wrong"

"unfortunately what we may need is one party to become dominant"
"if he wins again that may be what we get" <--- paraphrased

"the reality of iraq is not what is being reported by the politicians at RNC" <--- paraphrased

"i am really fearful that no matter who wins, the other side will not live with it and try to tear the winner down" <-- paraphrased

most politicians still have "inadequate seriousness" as if they were still living on Sept. 10th <--- loose paraphrase

I am full of misgivings about this president and the state of the country at the moment. The state of the world bothers me too, but I think where the world goes from here will be greatly effected by the actions of our country.


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