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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush-Nazi banking scandal!?

Take the bellow as you will, but the last four links are quite compelling.

Prescot Bush was involved with financing the Nazi war machine...

You can read this on the wikipedia:

W.A. Harriman employed brother E.R. Harriman through a company gifted him by his father the railroad baron E.H. Harriman, W.A. Harriman & Co, where other notable employees were George Herbert Walker, and Prescott Bush, who were likewise employed alongside E.R. Harriman, at Union Banking Corporation (UBC), a company which was closed in 1943 by the U.S. Government for Trading with the Enemy.

Just take a look at these links:

NH Gazette Article -- Oct. 10, 2003

A copy of previous article with this statement prepended:

Please spread this story as widely as possible, the author is currently being harrassed by mainstream press outlets, the IRS, and the banking industry. They are trying to shut him up we must get the word out!

The following links document the NH Gazette reporter's (John Buchanan) research:


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