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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Edelman wants in the blogosphere

I just received this email from technorati.com:

Welcome to the Technorati newsletter! We would like to tell you about
some of the interesting things the team at Technorati has been up to
over the past month.

* Technorati Blog Finder *

Have you ever wanted to explore blogs on a particular topic but you
were unsure where to start? Technorati's Blog Finder helps you find
blogs in the topic areas you care about including related topics.

How would you like Technorati users to discover your blog? Login to
your account today and tag your blog with up to 20 topics.


* Blogger PR survey *

Bloggers interact with companies and their products daily and often
blog about their most or least favorite product or feature. Many
companies and public relations agencies are interested in engaging
active users with more information about their products including
free products for review and blogs created by product teams to share
their insights and developments.

Technorati has partnered with leading public relations firm Edelman
to survey the blogosphere for opinions on public relations, corporate
communications, and best practices for companies wanting more active
involvement with the blogging community.

You can contribute to the conversation by answering a 17-question
survey about your opinions about blogging and PR. Technorati and
Edelman will collect this information and include the results in a
public white paper next month on blogging and PR. Please take a few
minutes to answer these questions and shape the future of corporate


Survey respondents have the opportunity to receive an advanced copy
of the completed white paper.

Thank you for using Technorati!

Niall Kennedy
Community Manager

The PR firm Edelman wants to partner with technorati.com to be able to penetrate the blogosphere. Here's what NoingNoing has to say about this. I'm not certain I take the same view. If we can force Edelman to engage us in candid discussion, then I think we've made a great stride forward. In fact that's exactly what I said when I filled out the poll.


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