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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

IT'S HAPPENING HERE!: Last Chance to Defeat CAFTA Possibly Only A Day Away!

The above is a link to a very informative blog about CAFTA. It's written by a Ph.D. of philosophy. It contains an open letter that was sent to each of the Congressional Representatives of South Carolina. It also contains some good talking points to use if you were to decide to call your representative.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Codex Information

Here is a set of links that I was able to find using http://bloglines.com. I have not read them, but based on their titles I think they look promising.

1) Codex Nutrition Committee: Supplement Guidelines Final
2) The U.S. may, again, try to ban the sale of vitamins
3) 'Stop Codex' - Rath Protests Plans For Supplements
4) Codex Alimentarius to approve codes on animal feeding and foods for children

A short movie about Codex

The above link is to a video entitled "We Become Silent." It is about Codex, and the health rights we're all at risk of loosing.

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CAFTA + CODEX = end of medical freedoms

I only know very little about this situation. Here is what I understand of it:

Codex Alimentis (perhaps that's misspelled) is a law that has been passed in the EU. It requires people to obtain a prescription from their doctor in order to take suppliments and vitamins. I don't know the letter of the law, but, from what I've heard of it, that might include such mundane things as power bars, slim fast, and Flintstone's Vitamins. Basically, this law takes power over our own health away from you and me and places it in the hands of, not doctors, but the pharmaceutical companies. This is really a severe assault on human rights.

CAFTA is, as we all know, the Central American Free Trade Agreement. One might ask "How does this pertain to Codex?" Long story short (and I don't fully understand all the intricacies), because of interlocking laws and trade agreements, this, if passed, will require the United States to enforce Codex here at home. This is possible because CAFTA requires all nations that agree to its terms to "harmonize" their trade laws. The standard to which the agreeing countries must adhere includes Codex.

This is scarry, and we must educate ourselves to prevent it. This must happen quickly, because CAFTA is one step away from being ratified by congress. Pleas learn what you can and write your congressperson to try to prevent this.

The above link is a post that gives more information than I know. Please go there and learn more.

I've been gone too long

I'm sorry, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I will try to be a little more active here.